A partial list of Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. other marine projects include:

Design for a lifting / transport cradle for the classic sloop PURSUIT that was transported from California to France... >>

Damages stability assesment unloader LIBERTY

For the spoils unloader LIBERTY, the potential flooding of the pump room and its effect on the stability was analyzed.    

Naval architectual assistance throughout the conversion, drydocking, and mooring of the office ferry KLAMATH at Pier 9... >>

Naval architectual assistance for the design, motions, mooring, and transportation of the floating SFFD Firehouse 35... >>

Design lashing for 5 barge loads of concrete SR 520 girders
Design the cribbing and lashings for 5 barge loads of concrete bridge girders, for transport from the fabrication yard to the
SR 520 contstruction site in Seattle, WA.

Design mooring for WETA seal float
Design the mooring system for the WETA float for harbor seals to hang out on while in Alameda harbor.   

Review engineering documents and procedures for demolition of old Bay Bridge 
Independent 3-rd party review of all engineering documents and procedures for lowering and transporting the 504 ft and the 288 ft
truss spans of the old Bay bridge for scrapping off site.

Motion analysis SpaceX autonomous drone barge
Calculate barge motions for a large number of sea states and wave headings and optimize the loading conditon for the
SpaceX autonomous drone barge OFF COURSE I STILL LOVE YOU used for landing the Falcon 9 first stage rocket.    

Design seafastenings for dredge on the WISH WAY
Calculate ship motions and design the seafastening arrangement for transporting dredging equipment on the WISH WAY.

Dry dock NOVA wet tow feasibility study

Conducted the feasibility study for towing the floating dry dock NOVA from Halifax to Florida.

Ballast trials T-MLP-1 review and attendance

Reviewed the ballast trial procedures and attended the ballast trials offshore San Diego for the first MLP - MONTFORD POINT.

Naval architectual assistance during the construction of the Lake Champlain replacement bridge... >>

Design cross beams with saddle supports for the elevated stowage of modules inside a cargo hold... >>

Design of a push knee for the harbor tug SIGNET CHALLENGER... >>

Assist with the GIIW Bypass Gate Tremie Coverage concrete pour... >>

Assist with temporary crane barge to lift concrete bridge sections... >>

Time domain analysis to investigate the potential of slamming against an overhanging spud barge... >>

Owner representation during the construction of 3 new hopper barges... >>

Detailed tow-out drawings of the jack-up rig OFFSHORE COURAGEOUS from the construction yard in Brownsville to the
load-out location in Ingleside... >>

Detailed tow-out drawings of the floating offshore platform INDEPENDENCE HUB from the outfitting yard to the offshore
installation site... >>

Review of the grillage and lashing arrangements for the transport of a Huisman mast crane on a container ship... >>

Review of the barge suitability report and launch analysis for the launching of the D1-WWIP jacket... >>

Stability calculations and some structural checks for the temporary conversion of the container vessel SOPHIE into a DP cable
laying vessel... >>

Feasibility study for the wet tow of two AFDB-9 dry dock sections... >>

Barge suitability check, stability calculations, and ballast plans were provided for the installation of a 100 t pedestrian bridge over
the San Joaquin River... >>

Motion responses for the dry tow of the jack-up TRIDENT 4 on the ZHONG REN 3... >>

Review of all engineering and procedures for the transportation of the FRONT RUNNER Spar hull from Jebel Ali to Pascagoula... >>

Design of the grillage and seafastening for the BP MAD DOG drilling support module transport on the TEAL... >>

Independent motion response calculations for the transportation of 9 new ZPMC container cranes from Shanghai to the revolutionary
Ceres terminal in Amsterdam... >>

Review of procedures and structural check of barge to be used for transport of Carquinez bridge piles... >>

Ballast calculations for offloading of 2 replacement steam generators for the Arkansas Nuclear One... >>

Pearl Harbor movie

Design of the mooring arrangement for the vintage war ships in the 2001 Disney re-make of the "Pearl Harbor" movie.


Feasibility study for the launching of the Fastship hull from the NASSCO slipway in San Diego.

Structural analysis of the SOOSAN dry dock for transport from Italy to China... >>

Deflection analysis of the MIGHTY SERVANT 3 transporting the Oryx Energy NEPTUNE spar hull in two sections... >>

Structural analysis of the TITAN crane for transport on the SEA SWAN from Long Beach to Panama... >>
Detailed procedures and strength analysis for re-assembly of the TITAN crane without the use of any third party equipment... >>

Stability analysis of the ESV IOLAIR after conversion to a well intervention vessel... >>

Motion response calculations for the dry transport of the MARS TLP hull on the MIGHTY SERVANT 2... >>

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Dry docking Falcon 68 on Crowley barge