Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. is a leading marine consulting company specialized in marine heavy-lift transportation, marine surveying and naval architecture. The company was founded in 1992 by Frank van Hoorn, a naval architect involved in marine salvage, ship design, and heavy-lift transportation since 1982. With over 670 successful projects under our belt since the start of operations, our extensive engineering and field experience benefits present and future clients. The company is incorporated in the state of California.

Our Mission

We strive to set higher standards in marine heavy-lift transportation. It is our objective to:

Our Profile

Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. combines the classic art of naval architecture with modern computer technology and offers a unique mixture of theoretical know-how and extensive hands-on field experience, often resulting in very practical solutions. The company is flexible and its naval architects can often be quickly mobilized for immediate problem solving or on-site assistance.

Note that we are not a shipping company. We do not own or operate any ships and never recruit ship personnel.

Our Clients

We have been providing a wide range of services to the marine industry since its inception in 1992. Clients represent shipping, oil, drilling and engineering companies, surveyors, contractors, equipment manufacturers, law firms, and naval establishments from all corners of the world... >>

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Est. 1992

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Frank van Hoorn takes part in the Orinoco river survey
Provide the highest quality of service at a competitive price;
Deliver engineering results on time and within budget;
Do things right - the first time;
Offer innovative and practical solutions to reduce our client's overall cost;
Utilize our extensive field experience and knowledge to expand the capabilities of our client’s equipment;
Minimize risks and safeguard the safety of all personnel and equipment throughout all phases of the project... >>
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Providing marine engineering services since 1992