Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. is proud of its safety record to date and does everything to maintain this excellent record.
Thus SAFETY FIRST! always applies. Cutting corners is rarely a good idea and never acceptable.

Job Safety Assessment

Before beginning any activity, task, or job, we apply the AAA rule: Assess - Analyze - Act or:

Assess the risk!
What could go wrong?
What is the worst thing that can happen if something does go wrong?

Analyze how to reduce the risk!
Do we have all the necessary training and knowledge to do this job properly?
Do we have all the proper tools and personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Act to ensure accident free operations!
Take necessary action to ensure the job is done properly!
Follow applicable procedures!
Ask for assistance when needed!

Common Sense
We do live in a time where procedures are more important than ever before. But common sense is important too and should always
be considered when acting. A job can only proceed after all risks have been properly assessed by everybody involved. 

Stop Work Authority

Anybody can stop the work when identifiying a perceived unsafe condition, act, error, omission, or lack of understanding that could
result in an undesirable event. They will immediately initiate a stop work intervention with the person(s) potentially at risk.

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naval architects
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Frank van Hoorn takes part in the Orinoco river survey