Some noteworthy news items involving some of the activities Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was involved in recentlly are listed below: 
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DP World crane relocation

October 2016 - Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. provided ship motions and design forces for the relocation of two DP World STS cranes from Charleston, SC, to Saint John, New Brunswick. For the relocation, the ZPMC crane carrier ZHEN HUA 14 was used. After an initial delay due to hurricane Matthew, the two cranes were loaded and secured to the vessel deck. Upon arrival in St John, the cranes were quickly unloaded.  

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Celebrating 25 years in business!
January 2017 - Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. celebrates  its 25-th year in business! We thank all our clients for their support over these years and we look forward to working successfully together for many more years to come...

Demolition SF Bay Bridge
Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was hired by California Engineering Contractors to provide third party independent review for the various marine works inolved with the demolition of the old SF Bay Bridge. The first 504 ft long truss spans was lowered onto twin cargo barges in February 2016. The other spans will follow in the course of this year, after which the 288 ft spans will be lowered using jacking towers.  

GINA KROG modules delivered
August 2016 - The GINA KROG modules were delivered to the offshore installation site where the SAIPEM 7000 lifted the modules off the vessels and installed them onto the jacket structure. The 10,000 t MSF took less than 10 hours to hook-up, lift-off, and install. Total installation time of all 4 modules was less than 5 days including 1-1/2 days of weather delay. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was involved in some of the transport engineering as well as the transport project management. The lift-off operations completed over 2 years of involvement in this challenging transport project.

A Statoil video on the module installation can be viewed here.
Recruiting scam
Some unauthorized individuals (one by the name of Mrs. Furdek Dorka Hrvatsko who claims to be a Senior Recruiting Manager at our company, which she is NOT) are exploiting our good company name and illegally copied our logo and email signature to try to recruit ship crews. If you receive a job offer to work for us, please be aware that this is a scam! On the right  is a copy of the signed "contract" complete with fake signatures and a fake Director of Fleet & Technical Operations...

We have not figured out what the purpose of this scam is, but it will likely involve getting money out of innocent people. We recommend to not respond to their request to sign up. It will be a waste of your time and money.

We do not own or operate any ships and never recruit ship personnel. 

Cherry Point offloads

August 2018 - Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. provided lashing design, stability checks, and ballast plans for the transport of four barge loads of refinery modules and ducts from Port Everett to the offload location at Cherry Point beach. Each barge was grounded at the beach and the cargo items rolled off using SPMTs over the bows in conjuction with the tide and (de)ballasting.   

Houston Bayport cranes surveyed at ZPMC
April 2018 - Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. reviewed the engineering documents related to the transport of three new STS cranes from the ZPMC yard to the Houston Bayport Terminal. After loading, the cranes' seafastenings to the deck of the ZHEN HUA 27 and all internal seafastenings and lashings were surveyed and approved. After a long but uneventfull voyage, the cranes were safely delivered to Houston.