Project Summary

Three new ZPMC container cranes were transported from Shanghai to the Port of Houston in summer of 2018. Argonautics
Marine Engineering, Inc. provided the review of all engineering calculations and the marine warranty survey for the transport.
In April, the 1,455 t heavy cranes were each rolled onto the ZHEN HUA 27 at the Changxing base of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy
Industries Co., Ltd. and secured to the vessel deck using steel pipes and cables. The seafastening of the cranes to the vessel deck
and the internal lashings were surveyed after loading, to ensure these were executed in accordance with the previously reviewed
ZPMC project drawings.

After loading two more cranes destined for Honduras, the vessel departed Shanghai, sailed via Cape of Good Hope to Honduras
for delivery of the first two cranes, after which it continued to succesfully deliver the three Houston cranes to the Bayport Terminal
in Houston.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:

Project Photographs

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Review of stowage plan, loading condtion, and design criteria and resulting vessel motions/crane accelerations;
Review of the structural analysis for the reinforced cranes and seafastening;
Survey the seafastenings of the cranes and the miscellaneous cargo items;
Survey the cranes with respect to transport readiness and internal securings;
Inspect the crane carrier ZHEN HUA 27;
Provide comprehensive survey report;
Review of the offloading procedures.
Western Carrier departs Long Beach
ZPMC crane carrier ZHEN HUA 27 arrives at the Bayport Terminal in Houston
Cranes secured onto ZHEN HUA 27
Cranes secured onto ZHEN HUA 27
Cranes loaded and seafastened
Cranes loaded and seafastened
Horizontal beam seafastening
Horizontal beam seafastening
Corner seafastening bracings
Corner seafastening bracings