Project Summary

For the conversion of the 1924 build historic car ferry KLAMATH into a floating office, Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. provided a wide range of naval archtectural services to its new owner, Bay Area Counsil. Without any accurate drawings or weight information, a hydrostatic model of the ferry was made to calculate the stability thoughout the various stages of conversion. A docking plan was developed for docking the vessel in the Lind Marine drydock at Alameda, to where the vessel was towed from its last mooring location in Stockton. The strenght of the existing hull structure, subject to the new roof deck loads, and the new staircase foundation reaction loads, was verified using FE analyses. This was done in close cooporation with the structural engineers at Forell | Elsesser and the architects at RMW. Mooring loads at the new Pier 9 location in San Francisco were provided to the designer of the piles and pile guides. Motion responses were calculated to analyze the workability in extreme wave and wake conditons.

The floating office was officially opened in September 2022 and its roof deck is open to the general public during office hours, unless closed for special events.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:

Project Photographs

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Check the vessel displacement and stablity at various stages of conversion;
Calculated maximum mooring forces at the Pier 9 location;
Provide mooring plan and elevation drawings for the permits;
Analyze hull strenght for addtional loads from the new roof deck;
Analyze local hull strength for openings and foundations for new stairs;
Design dock blocking plan with option to remove blocks for local steel replacements;
Calculate vessel motions in extreme waves and wakes;
Check stability for crowd assembling on the new roof deck with garden;
Recommend sand bag ballast amount and location to compensate for added weights;
Design dockside mooring plan for conversion work after docking;
Witness the docking /undocking.
Ferry Klamath on opening day
The official opening of the ferry KLAMATH at Pier 9
Hull section modeled in Rhino
Hull section modeled in Rhino
Femap FE analysis of hull structure
Femap FE analysis of hull structure
Ferry successfully docked
Ferry successfully docked
Ferry pulled out of drydock
Ferry pulled out of drydock