Project Summary

For the construction of the new GINA KROG platform in the Norwegian section of the North Sea, a large Module Support Frame (MSF), Utility Module (UM), Process Module (PM) and Flare Boom (FB) needed to be transported from the DSME fabrication yard in South Korea to the offshore field. The TPI Mega Line owned module carriers MEGA CARAVAN and MEGA CARAVAN 2 were selected for the transports. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was hired by the shipping company to provide project management and some engineering for this challenging transport.  In June 2016, the 3,700 t each PM and UM were rolled onto the MEGA CARAVAN 2 and the 300 t FB was lifted on using a large floating crane. Days later, the 13,000 t heavy MSF was skidded onto the MEGA CARAVAN.  After loading, all modules were secured with custom designed seafastenings. Upon completion, the vessels left Okpo with destination North Sea, via the Suez Canal.  Statoil movies on the PM loading operation and vessel departures can be viewed here and here respectively.

Upon arrival in the field, the vessels were moored between two tugs and to the semi-submersible crane vessel SAIPEM 7000. The modules were one after the other rigged to the SAIPEM 7000 cranes, after which the seafastenings were cut and the ship pre-ballasted to ensure level separation during the lift-off. Each module was safely lifted off and taken to the jacket for installation. Both vessels were offloaded in less than a week.  A Statoil movie on the offshore heavy-lift operations can be viewed here.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


Project Photographs

All aerial photographs courtesy of DSME.

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Project management and liaison with DSME and Statoil;
Review loading and offloading procedures, and coordinate lift-off ballast plans;
Design optimum stowage arrangement;
Feasibility check of the selected vessels;
Design environmental criteria and vessel motion analyses;
Steer the design of the skid beams, lower grillage structures and seafastenings;
Participate in the various F2F progress meetings and HAZIDS;
On-site assistance during various loading and offshore offloading operations.
UM rolled onto MEGA CARAVAN 2
UM rolled onto MEGA CARAVAN 2
MSF skidding onto MEGA CARAVAN
MSF skidding onto MEGA CARAVAN
PM lifted off by SAIPEM 7000
PM lifted off by SAIPEM 7000
Flare boom llifted off by SAIPEM 7000
Flare boom llifted off by SAIPEM 7000
Mega Caravan 2 departing Okpo with Gina Krog modules
The MEGA CARAVAN 2 departing Okpo after loading GINA KROG modules