Project Summary

In May 2021, two used Liebherr container cranes were relocated from the Port of Wilmington, NC, to Fernandina Beach, FL, using the cargo barge CHARLOTTE BRIDGE. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was hired to check the suitability of several barge condidates,  design the seabracing concept, and provide on-site asssitance during loading and seafastening. The cranes were rolled on over the side by Berard, using their SPMTs and the ZPMC crane lift beams. Each crane was rolled on near the stern, rotated 90 deg, and rolled in position over the support beams with rails, and lowered onto the rails. After loading and completion of all the seafastenings and pipe bracings, and receipt of the Warranty Survey Certificate, the tow departed Wilmington. With favorable weather conditons, the tow was fast and smooth and the cranes safely arrived in Fernandina Beach, where both cranes were successfully offloaded onto the dock there. Before becoming operational, the cranes' gauges will be increased from 50 ft to 75 ft to match the local rail spacing.    

Scope of Work

The project scope included:
  Suitability check various sized cargo barges;
  Check stability of the cargo barge CHARLOTTE BRIDGE loaded with the two Liebherr cranes;
  Run the barge design motions and accelerations based on tow with restricted weather conditions;
  Design seafastening concept based on the design accelerations and available steel pipes;
  Check barge deck strength at bracing bracket connection points;
  Provide on-site assistance during loading and seafastneing of the cranes.

Project Photographs

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First crane loaded onto barge Charlotte Bridge
First crane loaded and rotated on barge CHARLOTTE BRIDGE, ready to roll forward
Crane rollling on with Berard SPMTs
Crane rollling on with Berard SPMTs
Both cranes on barge rails
Both cranes on barge rails
Both cranes loaded
Both cranes loaded
Crane with outboard braces in place
Crane with outboard braces in place