Project Summary

The 245 class three-legged lift boat HAMAD EAGLE (ex SEACOR EAGLE) was dry transported from the port of Houma, LA, to
offshore Cabinda, Angola, using the semi-submersible heavy-lift ship YACHT SERVANT. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc.
provided the review of the Transport Manual and the marine warranty survey for this transport for ACS Chartering, division of UTC
Overseas. In December 2023, the cribbing arrangement on the YACHT SERVANT was checked and approved, after which the vessel
was ballasted down to loading draft. Early next morning, the HAMAD EAGLE was towed to the submersed vessel and slowly moved
inside the dock, using its own thrusters, and positioned over its cribbing. After deballasting, the vessel crew installed all the
seafastening stoppers and uplift lashings. After final inspections and issuing of the Certificate of Approval, the YACHT SERVANT
departed with destination Angola.

In Angola, all seafastenings and lashings were removed by the crew, and the cribbing and lift boat hull was surveyed before the
heavy-lift vessel ballasted down to offload the lift boat. Once fully afloat, the HAMAD EAGLE was successfully floated off using winch
wires and its own propulsion.   

Scope of Work

The project scope included:

Project Photographs

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Suitability check of the YACHT SERVANT for the proposed transport;
Review of the various revisions of the Transport Manuals;
Survey the HAMAD EAGLE before loading;
Attend various meetings and the actual loading of the lift boat onto the heavy-lift vessel;
Survey the cribbing (before and after loading) and the seafastenings and issue COA;
Survey the internal lashing and securing of all loose items in and on the HAMAD EAGLE;
Attend the offloading operation and survey the HAMAD EAGLE after arrival in Angola.
Western Carrier departs Long Beach
The lift boat HAMAD EAGLE before floating off in Angola
YACHT SERVANT submersing for loading
YACHT SERVANT submersing for loading
HAMAD EAGLE slowly lifted out of water
HAMAD EAGLE slowly lifted out of water
Ready to board YACHT SERVANT in Angola
Ready to board YACHT SERVANT in Angola
HAMAD EAGLE safely floated out of dock
HAMAD EAGLE safely floated out of dock