Project Summary

In August 2018, Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. provided on-site assistance during the offload of 4 barge loads of refinery modules and ducts, using two barges of opportunity. These were loaded in Port Everett and the modules were lashed to the barges as per the engineered seafastening plans. After the tow up to Cherry Point beach, each barge was grounded and the modules were rolled offf over the bow usig SPMTs. The largest modules weighed 215 ST. While rolling the modules off, ground reaction was controlled by (de)ballasting the barges in conjunction with the tide. The empty barge was pulled offf the beach before low water and returned to Port Everett to be reloaded.     

During these challenging offload operations, on-site support was provided to the offload contractor.  

Scope of Work

The project scope included:
  Check stowage plans and barge stability;
  Design lashing plans for each barge tow;
  Design ballast plans based on estimated arrival times and offload sequence and timing;
  Provide on-site assistance during the actual offload operations;
  Provide comprehensive reports on the operations.

Project Photographs

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naval architects
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Radiant module rolled off over steel ramp
Radiant module ready to roll off the grounded barge
Rolling off radiant module
Rolling off radiant module
Rolling off stack
Rolling off stack
Rolling off convection module
Rolling off convection module
Rolling off ducts lashed to lowbead trailer
Rolling off ducts lashed to lowbead trailer