Project Summary

For the new dock constructed at the port of St John, NB, Canada, DP World purchased two used HHI container cranes from the Wando Welch Terminal in Charleston, SC. These cranes were lowered to allow for passage under the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. After checking various ships and barges, the Korean Module Carrier HANJIN PIONEER was selected for the transport of these cranes. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. assisted with the various feasibility studies, run stability and motion analyses, and provided ballast plans for the challenging loading and offloading operations in high tide conditions. The lowered cranes, weighing approximately 1,300 t each, were loaded onto the transport vessel using large transport beams and two sets of self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs), rolled accross steel Ro/Ro ramps. After rolling on, each crane was rotated 90 deg and stowed on temporary support rails on deck. After stowing, the cranes were partly secured and the booms lowered to allow for the passage under the bridge. After mooring at the Columbus Street Terminal, the booms were fully raised and secured and all remaining pipe bracing seafastenings completed. Loose items were secured with welded clips and/or steel wire/nylon strap lashings. 

Late January 2023, upon receipt of the MWS Certificate of Approval and a favorable weather window, the HANJIN PIONEER departed Charleston with destination St John. The vessel safely arrived in St John on January 27 and moored alongside the new dock where the removal of the seafastenings started. A few days later, the first crane was picked up, rotated, and rolled off  over the vessel side in close timing with the extreme high tides. After some delay due to excessive winds, the second crane was also picked up, rotated, and rolled off, and lowered onto the dock rails.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


Project Photographs

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Check feasibility different cargo barges and heavy-lift vessels;
Provide optimum stow plan for the selected vessel;
Model the vessel hull in MOSES including all ballast tanks;
Design criteria and resulting vessel motions and resulting design accelerations on the cranes;
Design detailed step-by-step ballast plans for loading and offloading of the cranes;
Attend the loading operations in Charleston;
Coordinate ballasting with the vessel Chief Officer and the SPMT operator;
Attend the offloading operations in St John;
Coordinate ballasting with the vessel Chief Officer and the SPMT operator.
Crane booms lowered for bridge passage
Crane booms lowered for bridge passage
Raising booms for sea passage
Raising booms for sea passage
Second crane rolling aft for rotation
Second crane rolling aft for rotation
Both cranes safely offloaded
Both cranes safely offloaded
First crane being offloaded from barge
HANJIN PIONEER moored at Columbus Street Terminal to complete seafastening