Project Summary

In March 2001, the last shipment of 3 fully erected container cranes arrived at the Ceres terminal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
from China. A total of 9 cranes in 3 separate shipments were delivered by ZPMC, using their own converted transport ships. These
post Panamax container cranes, claimed to be the largest in the world at that time, each weighted approximately 1,320 t and towered
over 110 m above the ship decks during transportation. The ship hulls were modeled by Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. and for
two of the three transports, design motion response data was provided to enable an independent check of the crane structures and
seafastening design.  

Scope of Work

The project scope included:

Project Photographs

Photographs courtesy of Liftech Consultants, Inc.

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Specify design weather criteria for each of the 3 transports from Shanghai to Amsterdam;
Model the ZPMC ship hulls for the hydrodynamic analyses;
Provide the design motion responses for 2 out of 3 transports;
Provide the resulting design accelerations acting on the cranes.
Zhen Hua 4 arrived in Amsterdam with 3 new ZPMC cranes
ZPMC ship ZHEN HUA 4 arrived in Amsterdam with 3 cranes for the new Ceres Terminal