Project Summary

For the construction of 3 new 4,500 ST dwt inland hopper barge at the Gunderson Yard in Portland, OR, Argonautics Marine
Engineering, Inc. provided Owner's Representation. At irregular intervals, the yard was visited to monitor progress and inspect the
construction quality. Meetings with the yard's internal QA inspectors were held to review their findings. Final detailed hull surveys
were conducted before and after each launch. The first barge was successfully delivered in November 2007. The second barge was
delivered in March 2008, followed by the third and last barge in January 2009.    

After the launch and delivery of each barge, trip & tow surveys were provided.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:

Project Photographs

Launch photograph courtesy of Gunderson (copyright Ackroyd Photography, Inc.).

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Review of the barge design drawings and calculations;
Survey of the barges at various stages during the construction;
Audit the QA department of the yard;
Survey the barges before and after the launch.
Launch hopper barge
The successful launch of the hopper barge
Inside hopper wall
Inside hopper wall
Midships joint
Midships joint
Coated void space
Coated void space
Dimensional check
Dimensional check