Project Summary

In May 1995, two Gottwald mobile harbor cranes were transported from Miami to Buenos Aires aboard the heavy-lift dockship STAKHANOVETS YERMOLENKO. The cranes (each weighing approx. 330 t) rolled onboard over the stern ramp under their own power and were secured to the deck with steel pipes welded to the deck. For the transport, the boom ends were lowered onto special supports, allowing for deflection of the ship hull in seaways.

For the unloading the mobile cranes, the additional power of four tractors were needed in order to overcome the large slope caused by the ship's excessive trim, required to reach the high quay. See photograph below. 

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


Project Photographs

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Supervision of the loading operation in Miami, FL;
Determine design environmental criteria for the transport;
Stability and ship motion analysis;
On-site design of seafastenings and supervision of the local contractor during installation;
On-site design of boom support;
Designs of lashings for additonal cargo and loose crane parts;
Supervision of offloading operation upon arrival of the ship in Buenos Aires, Argentinia.
Stakhanovets Yermolenko ready for offloading Gottwald cranes
The STAKHANOVETS YERMOLENKO trimmed by the bow for offloading of the cranes
Stowing loose cargo items
Stowing loose cargo items
Seafastening detail
Seafastening detail
Vessel arrived in Buenes Aires
Vessel arrived in Buenes Aires
Second crane rolled off
Second crane rolled off