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Welcome to the web site of Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc., a leading marine consulting company specialized in marine heavy-lift transportation, marine surveying and naval architecture. With a rich history and involvement in over 700 successful projects of all sizes since the start of operations in 1992, our extensive engineering capability combined with hands-on field experience benefits both our existing and future clients. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc.: Practical Solutions - Theoretically Sound.

Below are links to the various services we offer and types of projects we are involved in, as well as some of the more newsworthy announcements.
RTGs delivered to Elizabeth
Eight used RTGs were transported by barge from San Pedro to the APM Terminal in Elizabeth...>>.

The dry transport of the lift boat HAMAD EAGLE was surveyed by our office...>>

On-site assistance was provided during the loading of 7 used RTGs onto the BigLift vessel HAPPY DOVER for delivery to Cape Town...>>

Cradle for sloop PURSUIT
A steel lifting and transport cradle was designed for the move of the classic wooden sloop PURSUIT to France...>>

Houston Bayport cranes
Three new Houston Bayport STS cranes were delivered by ZPMC. The design vessels motions for this transport were independent checked by our office.

DP World cranes for St John

Two lowered HHI container cranes were moved from Charleston, SC, to St John, NB, Canada, using the module carrier HANJIN PIONEER.

Ferry KLAMATH conversion
The historic car ferry KLAMATH was converted into a modern floating office and permanently moored at Pier 9  in San Francisco.     

Celebrating 30 years!
In 2022, we celebrated our 30 years of providing excellent engineering services to our valued clients in the marine industry. We look forward to the next 30 years!   

In order to more accurately solve vessel mooring problems, we just added the OPTIMOOR program to our software portfolio.

Navy Crane arrives in Kittery

The newly constructed 140 t gantry crane was successfully delivered from Manitowoc,WI, to the US Navy Yard in Kittery, ME.     

Relocation of 2 STS Cranes
Two used STS cranes were relocated from Wilmington, NC, to Fernandina Beach, FL, with the cargo barge CHARLOTTE BRIDGE.

Wellsburg Arch Bridge float-in

The 830 ft long Wellsburg tied-arch span bridge was successfully lifted off its construction supports, floated 1 mile down river and installed onto its piers, using two sets of barges, each outfitted with 4 Mammoet jack towers.     

Fake LinkedIn profiles
It has come to our attention that more and more random people worldwide are posting profiles on LinkedIn where they claim to be employed by our company, including using bootleg copies of our company logo. Please note we are a small company with only 1 office in California. We employ nobody outside California nor employ any vessel crew. Anybody implying otherwise is lying and should be reported to LinkedIn as such. Thank you.    


As the US is slowly re-opening, we do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We travel to job sites as needed and follow the local social distancing and mask wearing guidelines.

SFFD Float arrives
The float for the new SFFD Firehouse #35 safely arrived in San Francisco, onboard of the Jumbo project cargo ship FAIRMASTER. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was involved in the design of the float, the mooring of the float, as well as review of the Transport Manual.

Survey Rig 333 loading
We attended the loading and lashing of Ensign Well Service Rig 333 parts on the HARVEY CHALLENGER in Port Hueneme.

Cherry Point offloads
For the barge offloads of refinery parts at Cherry Points, ballast plans and on-site assistance was provided.

Houston Bayport cranes
The seafastenings of the new Houston Bayport STS cranes were surveyed and approved at the ZPMC yard on Changxing Island.

Recruiting scam
It has come to our attention that some unauthorized individuals are exploiting our company name and illegally copied our logo and email signature to try to recruit ship crews. If you receive a job offer to work for us, please be aware that this is a scam! We do not own or operate any ships and never recruit ship personnel...>> 

Demolition Bay Bridge
The last 288 ft span of the old San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge was successfully lifted off its pillars by a catamaran barge and moved to the scrap location. We are proud to have been involved by providing peer review of all marine operations.    

Crane relocations
Two Liebherr mobile cranes and one Kocks STS crane were successfully relocated by barge from one terminal to another in Philadelphia in late February 2017. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. provided the load-out ballast calculations and lashing design.

Celebrating 25 years!
We are celebrating our 25-th year in business! We thank all our clients for their support over these years and we look forward to working successfully together for many more years to come...

Relocation of DP World Cranes
Two used STS cranes were relocated from Charleston to St John with the ZPMC crane carrier ZHEN HUA 14...>>

GINA KROG modules delivered
All GINA KROG modules were safely delivered to the offshore site and installed onto the jacket by the dual crane vessel SAIPEM 7000.

Landing SpaceX Falcon 9
Success at last! In April 2016, the 5-th attempt to land the first stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket onto a drone barge was succesful.

Demolition SF Bay Bridge
We provide third party independent review for the various marine works inolved with the demolition of the old SF Bay Bridge. The 504 ft long truss spans will be lowered onto cargo barges in early 2016.. 

Older News
Click here for older news articles... >> 

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