Project Summary

Needed in Seattle, 2 harbor tugs were relocated to there from San Francisco, secured on the cargo barge 204. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. surveyed the cargo barge and checked the stability for the proposed tow. After surveys of the tugs in dry dock, the cribbing and lashing for each tug was designed. Upon completion of the barge preparations, the tugboats, weighing approximately 200 t each, were lifted on the 200 x 54 ft cargo barge 204 using the 1,300 t capacity floating crane LEFT COAST LIFTER. Each boat was carefully lowered onto their cribbing blocks. After some temporary chain lashings were installed, the loaded barge was towed to San Francisco where the seabracings were installed, using steel pipes and some additonal lashing chains. 

On April 26, upon receipt of the tow approval certificate, the tug TAURUS hooked up and the barge 204 loaded with the tugs SOLANA and TERILYN departed San Francisco in tandem tow with another small barge loaded with a single smaller tug. Despite some heavy weather during the tow, the barges arrived safely in Seattle a week later. Here the tugs were lifted off and put back in the water, ready for service in their new environment.  

Scope of Work

The project scope included:
Survey the barge 204 in order to make a stability model and CAD drawings;
Survey the tug SOLANA in order to design the cribbing arrangments;
Survey the tug TERILYN in order to design the cribbing arrangments;
Check the stability of the barge loaded with both tugs;
Design the stowage arrangement;
Design the cribbing arrangements for each tug;
Design the seabracings for each tug;
Provide on-site assitance during the loading operation;
Check the lashing before departurte.

Project Photographs

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Lifting Terilyn out of water
Lifting Terilyn out of water
Lowering Terilyn on blocks
Lowering Terilyn on blocks
Lifting Solana out of water
Lifting Solana out of water
Lowering Solana on blocks
Lowering Solana on blocks
Barge 204 loaded with tugs departs San Francisco
The loaded barge departs from San Francisco