Project Summary

After the delivery of two Matson Paceco cranes to Sand Island in Hawaii in September 2002, the cargo barge Z BIG 1 was loaded with two container cranes that were sold to Schnitzer Steel Industries in Portland, OR. The first 865 ST heavy Mitsui crane with a rail gauge of only 32 ft was loaded over the side by rolling it on its own (turned) boogies over temporary rails. The second crane was sold as scrapped and lifted on the barge in small pieces. After loading, the crane and scrap pieces were secured to the barge deck, and the tow departed. Upon arrival of the tow in Portland, the crane was safely rolled off onto the high quay at high tide and the scrap lifted off.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


Project Photograph

Photograph courtesy of Rigging International, Inc.

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Determine design environmental criteria for the tow; 
Modeling of the barge hull for the motion response and ballast analysis;
Calculate the design barge motions and resulting inertia loads on the crane;
Simulation of the crane roll-on and roll-off operations and optimization of ballast procedures. 
Barge with crane departs Honolulu
Barge Z BIG 1 with crane and scrap departing Hawaii with destination Portland