Project Summary

In March 2014, 2 used Kocks container cranes were relocated from the Port of Savannah, GA, to Port Canaveral, FL, using the cargo barge BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was hired to design the seabracings and to provide the ballast plans for loading and offloading the cranes over the side, using the new ICS self-propelled jack pods and tracks. During loading, on-site ballast supervision was provided. In sync with the 10 ft tide, and while carefully ballasting the barge, the first 800 t heavy crane was rolled on board and secured. A week later, the second crane followed. After completion of all the seafastenings and pipe bracings, the barge was ballasted to a minimum freeboard of only 2 ft to pass under the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. After safely passing under the bridge at low tide, the barge was deballasted to departure draft and towed to Port Canaveral, where both cranes were successfully offloaded onto the brand new dock there.   

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


Project Movie
A time-lapse video that shows the loading of the 2 cranes at the Port of Savannah is available on YouTube.

Project Photographs

Bridge passage and areal photographs courtesy of Stephen B. Morton (

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Design pipe bracings for the tow to Port Canaveral;
Prepare step-by-step ballast procedures for the loading of the cranes in Port of Savannah, GA;
Pepare ballast plan for bridge passage of the loaded BROOKLYN BRIDGE barge with only 2 ft freeboard;
Provision of on-site ballast supervision during rolling on off the cranes in Savannah;
Prepare step-by-step ballast procedures for the offloading of the cranes in Port Canaveral, FL.
Both cranes loaded onto barge Brooklyn Bridge
Both cranes loaded onto cargo barge BROOKLYN BRIDGE
LS first crane approaching barge
LS first crane approaching barge
Installing first pipe bracings
Installing first pipe bracings
WS pods on bridge beams
WS pods on bridge beams
LS almost on barge
LS almost on barge