Project Summary

On May 18, 2011, the fishing vessel SANDY POINT collided with a large container ship and sank in the Gulfort Ship Channel.  Inland Salvage Inc. was mobilized to remove the oil and fish from the sunken wreck and later remove it from the channel. Because of the extensive damage to the hull, it was decided to first cut the hull in two pieces, using a heavy chain and 2 floating cranes. Meanwhile Argonautics Marine Engineering, Inc. was contracted for assistance with the barge transportation of the hull sections after lifting. A cribbing and seafastening arrangement for each of the sections was quickly designed. Two flat deck cargo barges were outfitted with cribbing blocks and provided with the seafastenings and roll bars and towed to the salvage site. Each hull section was successfully lifted off the bottom, drained, and lowered on the cribbing blocks. After installation of the seafastenings and roll bars, each barge loaded with a hull section was safely towed to the Mississippi State Docks for inspection by the Coast Guard.         

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


Project Article
An article describing this recovery operation appeared in the July/August edition of the International Tug & OSV magazine.

Project Photographs

Photographs courtesy of Inland Salvage Inc.

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Design cribbing arrangement for each hull section based on measurements from a sister ship in dry dock;
Calculate the design motions and accelerations for each barge;
Design seafastening arrangement for each hull section bases on the design accelerations.
Sandy Point hull sections secured on barges
Both sections of the SANDY POINT secured on cargo barges