Project Summary

Two luffing-type shipunloaders were delivered to the Guacolda development in Huasco, Chile, in February 1995. These shipunloaders,
designed and built by Sade Vigesa, had been erected at the Verolme yard in Angra dos Reis, Brazil. For the ocean transportation,
the heavy-lift dockship STAKHANOVETS YERMOLENKO was contracted. The shipunloaders, each weighing approximately 465 t,
were lifted onto the heavy-lift ship using the Verolme gantry crane and were then secured for the voyage using steel brackets and pre-
fabricated pipe bracings. The ship rounded Cape Horn without any problems.

Upon arrival, the seafastenings were cut and the shipunloaders were rolled off the ship, using a set of 11 hydraulic dollies and a
shore-mounted pulling winch. The extreme height of the quay, combined with the open ocean swell, posed a significant challenge for
the offloading. Once offloaded, the shipunloaders were rolled to their foundations and set down with an accuracy of less than 2 mm.

Scope of Work

The project scope included:


This successful transportation of the Guacolda shipunloaders was featured in the May 1995 issue of the "Maritime Reporter and
Engineering News"

Project Photographs

specialists in marine heavy-lift transportation engineering
naval architects
marine surveyors

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Surveys of the loading and offloading locations;
Selection of optimal transport vessel;
Preparation of the loading procedures;
Preparation of the optimum stowage arrangement;
Establishment of design wave and wind criteria for the voyage around Cape Horn;
Stability and ship motion analyses;
Full structural analysis of the unloaders subjected to dynamic loading during transport;
Structural analysis of the unloaders subjected to the dolly loads during offloading;
Designs for internal strengthening, grillage and seafastenings;
Analysis of local strength of heavy-lift ship subjected to support loads;
Preparation of offloading procedures and design of all related equipment;
Calculations of ship's draft, trim and stability for offloading;
Structural analysis of the vessel's stern ramp subjected to high dolly loads;
On-site supervision of loading, seafastening, and offloading operations.
Stakhanovets Yermolenko loaded with 2 shipunloaders
The STAKHANOVETS YERMOLENKO loaded with 2 shipunloaders
Lifting on the first unloader with gantry crane
Lifting on the first unloader with gantry crane
Detail seafastenings portal to dock wall
Detail seafastenings portal to dock wall
Vessel moored stern to and trimmed for offloading
Vessel moored stern to and trimmed for offloading
Second unloader safely offloaded
Second unloader safely offloaded